Identifying Sterling Silver

Valued as one of the most popular precious metal since olden days, silver has been used to make fashionable and alluring Jewellery throughout history. Sterling silver is a versatile precious metal that is ideal for making all types of Jewellery. The cool neutral tone of sterling silver Jewellery compliments almost all occasions and any outfit. In spite of being a precious metal, it is very budget friendly and is popular among Jewellery lovers worldwide.

All sterling silver articles must contain a minimum of 925 parts silver for every 1000 parts of material. The numeric 925 is the millesimal expression of the 925/1000 standard. The hallmark for sterling silver varies from nation to nation, although the most commonly found hallmarking for genuine sterling silver is either “S 925” or “925”. Buyers are advised to verify the purity of the silver before they purchase by making sure that the product carries the hallmark certifying genuine sterling silver. Ella Jewels uses only sterling silver with 925 purity and all our product comes with a stamp of genuine sterling silver hallmark on it.